Aleksandar Gospić

Air Sports

The sky

at your feet

There is nothing as exciting as conquering the clouds. Discover the beauty of Croatia from a new point of view: above. Fly in a balloon from Medvednica to the horizon, dare to explore the unknown from an airplane and enjoy the paradise of paragliding from the northern peaks of Učka and Žumberak to Biokovo and Rilić in the south, going by the islands of Krk, Brač and Hvar.


More than 30 ideal spots to practise paragliding spread all over the country throughout the year in order to feel the freedom of flying. But if what you want is an adrenaline rush, in Croatia you will find a jump you will never forget, 11.000 feet free fall surrounded by one of the most spectacular natural landscapes in the world. Live the experience of your life flying across the sky in Zagreb, Zadar, Hvar, Istria, Rijeka or Lošinj. By the way, did you know that the inventor of the parachute, Faust Vrančić, was born in Šibenik?

Dejan Hren

Feel the Fire Inside: Fly Like a Dragon

Humans have always wanted to fly like birds, soar the sky, and observe the world. The activity most similar to this is paragliding. A good “wing”, a little courage, and a favourable wind… Enjoy Croatia from a height!

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