BASE jumping

What connects a flying man and Felix Baumgartner?

BASE jumps in Croatia are the future

Did you know that a Croatian scientist, innovator and inventor of the parachute Faust Vrančić was one of the world’s first BASE jumpers? It is presumed that at the beginning of the 17th century the father of the flying man (Latin homo volans) took a practice jump from the bell tower of the Basilica of St Mark in Venice, as a 65-year old!


There is another link between Croatia and one of the most extreme parachuting disciplines. Eight years before a jump from the edge of space, Felix Baumgartner tried his hand at BASE jumping at one beautiful location. To see all the beauty of BASE jumping in Croatia all you need to do is search for two things on YouTube. Baumgartner and Velebit. It was in 2004 when the adventurous spirit of the world’s most popular BASE jumper and the harsh beauty of the Mamet cave in Southern Velebit combined and created a spectacle. The flight lasting ten seconds into the 200-metre deep cave takes the breath away.


And the locations in Croatia where BASE jumps take place also take the breath away. We must point out that this is a sport which only experienced people can try because for taking on such acts means doing several hundred solo parachute jumps beforehand. Those who have passed such training could with special permits and under controlled conditions participate, for example, in BASE jumps in the grotto of the Red Lake. A jump from the height of 240 metres lasts only eight seconds. And in those eight seconds you have to freefall, open the parachute, enjoy the trip and land. BASE jumping is a sport which is intense and fast like a rocker’s guitar riff and people love it just as it is.


A great location for jumping is also found in the Paklenica National Park. In order to get to Anića Kuk, the most famous Croatian rock, along with parachuting knowledge also needed is that of an Alpinist. What would you say about a jump from Markezina Greda above Klis fortress?


BASE jumps in Croatia are not a jump into the unknown but a jump into beautiful nature.