Hang gliding

Sailing in the air

Croatian hang gliding offers the realisation of a dream

As children we all went to the circus and marvelled at the tightrope walkers. Every step on the piece of stretched wire was accompanied by a gasp from the audience. The secret of success in walking on a wire is maintaining one’s balance, and it is similar to sailing in the air, or put simply, gliding. Whilst with BASE jumps and wingsuits only the very experienced are able to enjoy that adrenaline fun, hang gliding in tandem with an instructor turns you into a modern version of Peter Pan.


Hang gliding is often described as sailing in the air. You use the best of nature and with the help of the thermals and the wind, you become a bird. Spread your wings as the warm breeze caresses your face. Look beneath you at the towns, rivers and sea. You’ve left the hustle and bustle somewhere far below and enjoy the silence.


In Croatia Istria is the central place for experiencing hang gliding. The many locations, the long season which because of the mild climate lasts eight months, and the favourable winds are the aces of Croatia's largest peninsula.

You should not miss a flight above Učka Nature Park, where beautiful views towards Gorski Kotar and the Kvarner Bay open up, and when the weather is nice and clear, in the distance also visible is the ancient city of Pula.

In the hinterland of Crikvenica is Tribalj – a place which is suitable for all types of hang gliders. Both absolute beginners and experts will enjoy the flyover and view of the largest Croatian island of Krk and the Kvarner Bay.


For slightly more advanced flyers there is Biokovo, which is considered as one of the most exciting take-off spots in Europe. As soon as you get off the ground you are already 1,200 metres high, and in your field of vision are the spectacular Adriatic islands of Brač and Hvar and the rough and sharp peaks of Biokovo. And what would you say about a flight above the Cetina canyon and landing of a sandy beach? Croatian hang gliding offers the realisation of all dreams.