Panoramic flights

Magical panoramic flights

Bird’s perspective

Man must envy the birds that fly above Croatia. The tranquillity of flat Slavonia, the mysteriousness of Zagreb’s Upper Town, the fairy tale greenery of Gorski Kotar, the mighty walls of Dubrovnik, the play of a thousand islands and the sea… The view from the bird’s perspective reveals unfamiliar details in the masterpieces of Croatia’s landscapes and architecture. If birds could talk, there would be all kinds of comments. Do you want to experience something like this? To have the feeling that you are part of a travel documentary programme? Nothing easier. During a stay in Croatia all you need to say is two magic words: “panoramic flight”. There is a large choice.


Let’s start from the east and head west. A flight around Osijek will reveal all the grandiose of the Danube, the gentleness of Baranja and the mysticism of Kopački Rit to you. The seventy-minute Slavonian rhapsody will remain with you forever. A “normal” aeroplane is a bit too slow for you? The unique service of a panoramic flight in a military jet plane is on offer in Čakovec. Such treatment should satisfy all adrenaline fun fans.


Zagreb also offers something unusual to lovers of heights – an elegant balloon ride almost above the steeples of Zagreb’s cathedral and the walls of Medvedgrad, and then a flight to the north. The castles of Hrvatsko Zagorje look even more spectacular from the air. From the continental part we move to the south. Croatia is like a little goldfish. It will fulfil all your wishes. A trip along the Istrian peninsula with a VIP view of the Brijuni islands, the Kvarner clash of two of the largest of Croatia’s islands Cres and Krk, the Zadar sea organ and a Hvar summer memento are just some of the ideas. Or perhaps the green idyll of the Plitvice Lakes combined with the waterfalls of the Krka. A difficult choice.

Ivo Biočina

Of course, you must bring your camera for the flight. Because, as one witty slogan goes, if it wasn’t recorded, it didn’t happen. Your video postcard from Croatia is the perfect memory.