The memory of a lifetime

A skydive full of adrenaline and Croatian beauty

How do you like to relax? With a glass of wine and the beautiful sunset in the Croatian mountains, looking for hidden Kornati oases, listening to the restless rapids of the Zrmanja…? What about skydiving? If you are ready for the jump of a lifetime, Croatia is the ideal destination for fans of this wonderful sport.


The rush of adrenaline, the indescribable sense of freedom and the largest smile in the world are just some of the secret ingredients for the ideal recipe for an event that you will remember from Croatia. Your first parachute jump will be in tandem with an experienced instructor. This means you can relax and enjoy without worrying about mistakes. With the theoretical and practical training, you will be ready to go.


With the great adrenaline experience also comes the wonderful panoramic flight above landscapes which take the breath away. When the door of the aeroplane opens, it is time to forget all your fears and give in to the pleasure. In the sixty seconds of freefall you will feel free and powerful like a magnificent golden eagle above the cliffs of Velebit. The whoosh of the wind, the clouds and the blue sky will become your best friends. After the opening of the parachute it is time, for a few minutes, to enjoy one of the most beautiful sceneries in the world.


In Croatia this natural painter was especially imaginative. You will become envious of the birds who can enjoy such views for hours every day. Only when you land will you become aware that in Croatia you have experienced on the moments which you will remember for the rest of your life.

However, after the first time, we advise caution! Because as soon as you touch the ground, you'll want to make countless jumps. With the view of beautiful Croatian landscapes and a contagious smile on your face. Yes, that’s called a jump in the Croatian way. And it’s great fun.