Flying made in Croatia

The ideal scenery for Valentine’s Day

Since the Greek myth of Icarus, one of the greatest dreams of mankind is that of flying. Balloons, kites, aeroplanes, rockets, have all been invented, but not flying with one's own wings. In the 21st century the desire has not abated, and with the aid of modern technology independent flight has become more accessible. The adrenaline sport which brings people closer to the birds is called wingsuit flying and is a combination of parachuting or BASE jumping and flying. As was the case with BASE jumping, which was first tried by Faust Vrančić, a Croat also had a hand in the development of wingsuit flying.


It was Robert Pečnik who perfected the idea of the aerodynamic suits in which people fly at speeds from 120 to 260 km/h, depending on the design. Considering how many years of experience are necessary for a man to become a bird, it is a very rare sport. Only experts are allowed to fly after several hundred independent parachute jumps behind them. Only after such training are you ready for all the temptations of this sport. It is interesting that the construction of the flying suit has a natural source - the flying squirrel.


In Croatia the wingsuit takes on a new dimension with the view of the beautiful scenery. The images of nature make you jump from the plane so you can enjoy the seductive mountain peaks, the uninterrupted green forests and gentle hills. And then the blue sea, endless and eternal like the sky.


On 14th February 2017 the American Amy Chmelecki and Austrians Marco Waltenspiel and Marco Fürst experienced this intoxication in Croatia celebrating Valentine’s Day with a flight above the heart-shaped islet of Galešnjak. This sounds like a great idea for your next Valentine’s Day.



Video: © Red Bull Media House