Are you looking for a place in continental Croatia perfect for a refreshing trip, far away from the crowds? Are you looking for a destination where you will enjoy the shade of untouched forests, the freshness of clean water and magical landscapes? Then the area of the river Mrežnica is the right choice for all you lovers of nature, movement and enjoyment. Although with its 64-kilometre course it doesn’t belong to the longest of Croatia’s rivers, the Mrežnica is proud of its beautiful canyons, and along with that, it is also the “owner” of a hundred travertine waterfalls which cross along its whole course creating a series of interconnecting lakes. Apart from the impressive number of waterfalls considering the river’s length, their diversity is even more lavish which is apparent in the multitude of travertine cascades of various heights and ruggedness. Although by height none of these falls can compete with the great waterfalls at Plitvice Lakes or those of the river Krka, their picturesqueness makes them unique. There are in total 26 falls in the upper flow in just five kilometres, and the same amount adorns the 39 kilometres of the lower section.

Aleksandar Gospić

If you were to observe this attractive and dynamic landscape from above, you would see the constant change of the falls and the elongated lakes in the ambience of the shallow karst terrain of rich greenery, which reminds many of the structure of a net (mreža in Croatian), so here could be the origin of its name - Mrežnica.

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Therefore, treat yourself with a descent down this river in good company for fun, swimming and enjoyment in nature. The diversity of the flow leaves you the possibility of various itineraries, which can also be skilfully combined into a multi-day adventure.

You will row through beautiful river canyons, and in an instance also "escape" from civilisation because in the central parts of the course there are no inhabited places. Rushing through the clear water of the river down the many rapids and travertine barriers you will also feel the excitement of rafting, whilst the easy navigation in the peaceful course will make your journey even more unforgettable. Trips on the lower part of the river are “soft” adventures suitable for beginners, families with children or those who want to spend a relaxing day on the water with lots of swimming, jumping and enjoyment in the shade of the greenery.


Besides rafting, the Mrežnica river is also suitable for navigation by kayak and canoe. To help you decide which is best for you, consult the tour organisers.


The Mrežnica river, “the green beauty”, will delight you with its wonderful nature and will forever be carved into your memory.