What is important to know about rafting?

What is important to know about rafting?

In order to understand the difficulty of the flow of a river, and thereby to decide more easily where to find the optimal balance of adrenaline and safety to suit you, rivers are divided into classes of difficulty according to the speed of the current, the turbulence of the water, the strength of the whirlpools and vortices, the presence of rocks on the way etc. Bear in mind that no system of classification is totally accurate because the difficulty of a river can change from month to month, and also depends on changes in the water level, waterfalls, fallen trees, geological changes and so on. With the increase of difficulty/class the danger of falling into the water is greater, and for a successful rescue, the help of a group of people who know how to do that is needed. Although the rivers in Croatia do not belong in the group of extremely dangerous rivers, and those on which rafting is organised are categorised as light to moderately demanding, don’t forget that rafting is an extreme sport and as such is dangerous, especially for the inexperienced. Never attempt to go rafting on your own, your own way, because it is very risky, and in some cases, on some rivers, it is even forbidden.


So, for all of you who want to enjoy your vacation, to feel secure, and yet experience an adventure, it is recommended to choose a certified agency to have a professional service and experienced licensed guides, skippers.


At the beginning of a well-organised rafting trip you will be given equipment, and your skipper will give you information and precise instructions which are important to stick to during the whole tour. When as a passenger in the boat you have your single-sided paddle and the safety, checked parts of equipment, your protective life jacket and helmet, you can proudly consider yourself as a rafter. In the summer, during the heat, apart from the safety equipment, you only need the appropriate sports shoes, clothing and bathing costume, whilst for the colder days (early spring, late autumn) as required, you will get a neoprene suit, boots and/or socks, gloves and a waterproof jacket. Of course, don’t forget to prepare some dry clothes and shoes which will wait for you at the end point of the journey. Nowhere else you will see the delighted faces of guests who have just finished their watery adventure than during rafting and while they are still changing who knows how, in a laugh and a joke, they will relive the rapids and jumps enjoying every dip and fall – intended or accidental.

Antun Cerovečki

Since this is an open-air activity, the weather conditions are essential for the total enjoyment when rafting. The most suitable time in Croatia is late spring, summer and early autumn because at these times nature is its most verdant, and the temperature of the air and water is most comfortable.

Those more curious and braver amongst you who decide to go rafting at the time of “high waters” (late autumn, winter) will be rewarded with the special experience of riding the waves. As with other activities, there is also concern about rafting when children are involved and so for the participation of minors, the signed consent of their guardian is required. For your safety and the safety of other participants, remember that the consumption of intoxicating substances and alcoholic drinks is not allowed during the rafting trip. Although knowing how to swim is not necessary, it is a desired skill and an important safety measure which can be a great help in emergency cases. Information about your swimming skills or lack off, as well as other relevant information such as health conditions, should be given to the guide at the right time, although the rafting organisers will surely ask about this important information themselves.


It is good to know that during the journey the guide, the skipper, who sits at the stern of the boat and with their paddle directs and leads the raft through the rapids is in charge. Thanks to the good system of skipper education and the 20 years of experience of providing rafting in Croatia, you can completely and calmly relax in the hands of the kind and adept pilots of their rubber boats.

And don’t worry, these experienced boys and girls are known for their friendly and amicable approach and so they will strive to make your adventure on the rapids safe, as well as fun and unforgettable. Even when you think there is no more time or place for a new watery prank, they will think of something and again induce a hilarious laugh.

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