The best places for sea fishing in the Adriatic Sea

The best places for sea fishing in the Adriatic Sea

Location, location, location

In the real estate market every experienced seller will tell you that location, location, location is the most important condition for a sale. Analogous with that, a good place is one of the most important elements of successful fishing in the Adriatic Sea. Of course, knowledge, equipment and luck play their role, but at the end of the day, the location separates the winners from the losers.


And for this reason, the map of fish treasure is marked as “strictly confidential”. Every more experienced fisherman guards the location of the fishy riches as though it was the most strictly guarded state secret. Hundreds and hundreds of words may have been written about the discovery of a place, however, after the purchase of a permit consult with the local fishermen who know certain locations by heart. Every one of their words will tell you how patience is the greatest tool for fishing, and experience takes years. Practice makes a successful fisherman, and in the five Croatian fishing zones on the Adriatic Sea, those skills can be honed to perfection.


Islands of Cres and Lošinj

The rich waters around the Kvarner islands belong among the most popular places in the Northern Adriatic. The varied landscapes crisscrossed with rocks, holes, cracks and caves are highly-rated with the most popular fish species in Croatia. Two-banded sea bream, sea bass, common dentex and gilt-head bream are frequent residents of these waters.


Kornati region

One of the richest fishing regions in Croatia. Paradise on earth, both for people and for the fish. In the area of the Kornati National Park fishing is strictly forbidden, however, outside the protected zone in the remainder of the archipelago the casting of a hook from a boat with the view of the land of fairy tales is a special experience.


Island of Žirje

The offshore oasis of the Šibenik archipelago is considered the richest area of the region. Each of the 29 coves is a witness to successful fishermen’s stories, and in these waters some of the largest specimens of tuna have been caught.


Island of Mljet

The wonderful natural treasure and mystical green forests have inspired many legends about the island, and many of the stories are about successful fishing. The magical nature attracts shoals of common dentex, white groupers, common pandora, forkbeards, red scorpion and others. In the area of the Mljet National Park fishing is strictly forbidden.

Island of Palagruža

The arrival itself on this faraway island has the smell and taste of a Robinson Crusoe adventure, but fishing in the seclusion of the Adriatic Sea is a holiday for all the senses. In Dalmatia they have an excellent expression for such spiritual states: “’Ko to more platit’" (“Who could pay for this?”).