Čikola Canyon

Čikola Canyon

If you are lucky and your journey brings you to the centre of Northern Dalmatia to the wider Šibenik region, you will find yourself in one of the naturally most diverse regions in the Mediterranean. This is a region where the sea and land are intertwined in a perfect mosaic of a hundred islands, islets, reefs and marine azure. The exceptional natural beauties and cultural-historical monuments of this region is recognised outside of Croatia and Europe, so the waterfalls of the River Krka which adorn the Krka National Park and the wonderful archipelago and the densest and most indented island group in the Adriatic Sea – the Kornati National Park – are all very well known to tourists.


A special place in this thread of pearls is taken by the modest River Čikola which has created one of the most impressive canyons in Croatia, an exceptional geomorphological and hydrological phenomenon in the karst. The canyon is very steep, in some places as deep as 170 metres, with an overall length of 14 kilometres, which makes it an excellent stage for many outdoor activities, so here you can try canyoning at the time of the year when there is enough water, free-climbing, walking and, of course, take a guess… a zip line.


To fans of adrenaline and having the wind in their faces the landscape of the Čikola canyon offers a visit from a completely new angle, high above the treetops and crags. At the first glance the zip line will take your breath away because the three steel cables are placed in a zig-zag fashion, and they are at heights which make the head spin. With secure equipment you start on the first cable 507 metres long with the starting point at 234 metres and a speed of up to 70 km/h, enjoying the view of the vertical cliff on the left side and the Čikola canyon. You lose height and brake, safety approaching the second platform which is waiting at 185 metres high. From this point there is no return, so all you have to do is continue using the next cable which joins the canyon and is 650 metres long. Now you will be a bit longer in the air, and below you is the spectacular view of the forest and the rocky canyon of the River Čikola. The third platform is located at a height of 141 metres, and the last cable is 250 metres long and it is on this that you reach the highest speed, however, you are already completely confident because you left all your fears behind you, back there high at the starting point. And so, relaxed and jubilant you approach the final platform and you are almost sorry that you have to continue onwards so ordinarily, by foot.


Believe us, it pays to conquer your fears because the experience of “flight” over the Čikola is priceless!



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