Mount Kozjak, Split

Mount Kozjak, Split

When more than 1,700 years ago the world famous Emperor Diocletian built himself a palace, he had no inkling that it would become one of the most fascinating structures in the world. He was born in ancient Salona (today’s Solin), the capital of the Roman province of Dalmatia, and as the place for his summer residence he chose a cove 5 kilometres away full of the yellow flowers of the Spanish broom plant. In this place he planted the seeds of the city of Split, which today’s inhabitants proudly point out as “the most beautiful city in the world”, and it has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in Croatia, and beyond. The emperor recognised the beauty, and by using the zip line which is located on the eastern slopes of Kozjak from where, up on high you, just like Emperor Diocletian, will be able to enjoy the view of old Salona, the Split peninsula with the Marjan forest park, the islands off the coast of Split, as well as the Dalmatian hinterland and the peaks of the Dinara mountains in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.


The almost 2,500-metre overall length zip line is placed not far from the top of Sveti Jure, between the area of Blaca and Gornja Rupotina, on Mount Kozjak which dominates over the Bay of Kaštela.


In a three-hour adventure you will go down six wires which will safely drop you down from the starting point to a suspension bridge, and you will, apart from the excellent ride, also be rewarded with a swaying wooden construction of a bridge 90 metres long which stretches through the treetops of a pine forest. The views from the vantage point where you pause briefly during the ride so that you can immortalise the adventure and take photographs for your social networks and family album will make your zip line day unforgettable. The friendly and professional guides, as well as the possibility that you can enjoy this safe aerial adventure all year round due to the pleasant weather conditions, make this location ideal for an adrenaline course and so with this unforgettable trip you give a new dimension to your holiday.



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