Rudopolje, Vrhovine

Rudopolje, Vrhovine

Imagine that you are 80 metres above the ground and flying at the speed of a bird of prey and you travel like this for almost two kilometres with a view of the landscape of beautiful Lika. This doesn’t just have to be a figment of your imagination and dreams, this is the experience that the zip line located in the area of Vrhovine offers.


The expression “one and only” suits this wire, because the entire length of this 15 mm diameter cable is 1,700 metres which makes it one of the longest wires in Europe. And not only is it the longest but this wire is also the owner of great speeds, but not of the wind in your hair, because your hair is well hidden in a helmet to protect your head. However, if you have the wind behind you it is possible to speed along at 120 km/h, and even if there is a headwind, you will enjoy speeds of 100 km/h. A descent on this zip line represents an unforgettable combination of adrenaline and the enjoyment of the view which is difficult to express in words but you will certainly recommend it to others.


The vicinity of the Plitvice Lakes and Northern Velebit national parks and the underground karst stream, the River Gacka, make this place unique and interesting for all lovers of untouched nature and adventure. Once you come to this place which smells of the wide valleys and pine forests of the slopes of the mountains of Mala and Velika Kapela and displays its clean river bathed in the colours of the sky, you will fall in love with it. And it will direct you to other adventures such as cycling down the marked trails, climbing the artificial cliff, playing disc golf, whilst for the brave ones there is also the possibility to really soar in the sky at the parasailing and paragliding take-off and landing areas.


A walk along the River Gacka will fill you with energy and the silence that only a river can provide, whilst the mass of fish for whom this clean and oxygen-rich water is home, will remind you that this is a place that we must also preserve. The sources of the river are very picturesque, and on them there are old mills which invite you to end your adrenaline adventure with a return to the past when man co-existed with nature.



Zipline Beware of the bear!

Address: Rudopolje

53223 Vrhovine

Tel: +385 95 846 4171

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