The Korana Canyon, Plitvice Lakes

The Korana Canyon, Plitvice Lakes

Just the mention of Plitvice Lakes will evoke such a strong feeling of admiration with many about what for centuries nature has been creating and in doing so has magnanimously bestowed upon us. This pearl of nature, which at the same time is the largest and oldest of Croatia’s national parks, is adorned by numerous travertine barriers and 16 lakes, that represents a unique value due to which the Plitvice Lakes are also found on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Therefore, it is no wonder that for its source one river has chosen the place where the water of the stream of the Plitvica dives into the Sastavci over a steep cliff creating the amphitheatre of the Great Waterfall, the largest waterfall in Croatia.


Don’t miss out on experiencing this magnificent beauty, knowing that from this spot the beautiful karst River Korana flows further down a narrow canyon. Pouring over the travertine waterfalls, the waters of the river tumble into a pond of turquoise colour and continue their 134-kilometre long journey until the confluence into one more wonderful river, the Kupa, in Karlovac.


These beauties will be in the palm of your hand if you visit the 300-metre long zip line stretched over the canyon of the Korana at the very edge of the Plitvice Lakes National Park. Here in place of the classic climbing equipment a seat for paragliding is used, which guarantees you greater comfort and surrendering to the pleasure of the view and the experience.


Travelling from one end of the canyon to the other in an instant you will “fly” faster than 70 km/h, enjoying the breath of fresh air, and then return to the centre of the canyon to the lowest point of the zip line, where the adventure which you’ll want to repeat many times finishes.


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