Be a Movie Star for a Day

Be a Movie Star for a Day

Experience some movie magic

Have you always dreamed of becoming a powerful Jedi for a day, catching a glimpse of the clan wars in the Game of Thrones world, or singing one of ABBA’s timeless classics? How about Robin Hood and his band of outlaws or an expedition to the Arctic? You can experience all of these in Croatia. Plan your sailing route according to these movie hits and be the star of the Adriatic.

Mamma Mia 2

Vis is often considered the most mystical island of the Adriatic, having served as a military base under strict surveillance for 40 years. Its enchanting atmosphere and isolation made it the ideal place to film the sequel to the popular musical rom-com. Steer your boat to where three-time Oscar winner Meryl Streep and former agent 007 Pierce Brosnan enjoyed their time making the movie.

To get in the groove, you can also play some of ABBA’s greatest hits. Tie up your boat at the Vis waterfront, and as soon as you set foot on land, you’ll walk right onto the movie set. Take a walk down the narrow, intimate streets and alleys (“kale” in Croatian), where you can still feel the spirit of the past, and smell the aromas of delicious local cuisine. Settle into the quiet island afternoon with a glass of the famous white wine from Vis, the Vugava. You can visit the rest of the movie sets on the following day.


The first in line is the Barjoška beach on the west side of the island. The pebble beach can be reached by boat, and there is a small dock. The dense pine tree forest and mesmerising sounds of crickets chirping can be the perfect backdrop for your morning swim.

Head back to the boat and visit the town of Komiža next. The tiny fishing town is as seductive as the Mona Lisa smile. The Fisherman’s Museum in the old Venetian tower on the beach is a must-see.

Aleksandar Gospić
The final location used in the film is one of the most photographed beaches in Croatia. If you follow the south side of the island, you’ll reach Stiniva, one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Sailing is allowed away from the beach, which opens up behind a passage formed by two rocks. Feel free to sing “I have a dream”, since Stiniva is more beautiful than any dream...
Julien Duval

Star Wars, Game of Thrones and Robin Hood

Boris Kačan
Dubrovnik. A jewel that depicts the Canto Bight casino in “The Last Jedi”, the capital of the Seven Kingdoms, King’s Landing, and Nottingham castle equally well. Each one of the roles this beautiful town has played is Oscar-worthy.

The best way to join the nautical and film tour is to tie up your boat in the ACI Marina in Komolac, where you can warm up for the movies with a view of the Sorkočević summer residence. You can take a taxi or rent a car from the marina and visit the sets. Stradun Street, the city walls, Rector's Palace, the Church of St Blaise, Bokar Fortress, Lokrum island, and Trsteno Arboretum are only some of the locations that millions of fans worldwide have been able to see. The world characterised by a constant struggle between good and evil, noble intentions, and intriguing plots is within reach.

Aleksandar Gospić

After sightseeing and returning to the marina, sail towards the magical world of the Elafiti Islands.

Saša Četković

The Terror

Zoran Jelača
In the mid-1800s, numerous expeditions set out to find a northwest passage through the Arctic Ocean. The northernmost region of our planet has always intrigued explorers. The land of eternal ice and snow, the end of the world. In the TV-series created by the famous director Ridley Scott, the role of the Arctic is played by the island of Pag, whose unusual and stark beauty will make you fall in love instantly.

The barren lunar landscape would be the perfect backdrop for science-fiction films as well. The island, known for its high-quality sheep milk cheese and intricate lace patterns, is a true nautical paradise. Partygoers will fit right in at Zrće, the beach that never sleeps, but do not miss out on the tamer parts of Pag either. The north-west is full of small, wild coves, where you will most likely have the surrounding nature all to yourself.

Marjan Radović

The Odyssey

Jacques Cousteau, the legendary French oceanographer and undersea explorer, made 120 documentaries about the mysteries of the sea. You can discover some of these mysteries while sailing through Croatia. The islands of Hvar and Vis in Central Dalmatia served as the main filming locations for his biographical film. The towns of Hvar, Stari Grad and Jelsa offer great places to tie your boat, and there are also two ACI marinas in the area – Palmižana i Vrboska.

Visit this amazing walled city, fit for a King