I. Biočina; J. Duval; A. Gospić; Z. Jelača; M. D. Pečanić; S. Pjanić

Croatia is known for its summer bliss, amazing blue waters and sunny coastline, but now it is time to FALL in love with Croatia in autumn.

Discover the colours of Croatia and bask in the softer yellow of the sun, the deeper blue of the sea, the evergreens of the beautiful inland, the changing colours of the leaves from yellow and orange to reds and browns through any of the amazing National or Nature Parks throughout the country, from the rocky faces of Northern Velebit to the lowlands and marsh of Kopački rit.


Try the tasty new red or white wines, from the just harvested green or purple grapes, or visit a pumpkin festival and enjoy any of the many squash varieties, be they white, purple or orange. Visit an open-air market and bask in the rainbow of autumn or take a guided tour and forage for mushrooms, or a fresh water fishing trip and catch a silver trout.


Sail the Adriatic and feel the wind and the enjoy the crisp blue surroundings. Or take a walk through a museum or heritage site and revel in the amazing colours of folk costumes, artistry of traditions passed down for generations, view the clay remnants of some of the oldest known artifacts, or learn about the history of olive oil or cheese making, green-gold and creamy-yellow delicacies.


Whether you are taking in the coast or inland of Dalmatia, Kvarner and Istria, or traversing the hills and mountains of Lika, Gorski Kotar and Zagorje, or exploring the meadows, trails and fields of Međimurje, Slavonia and Baranja, or the bustling markets in Zagreb, let the colours of Croatia wash over you.




Julien Duval

If you are a nature-lover, there is nothing better than visiting any of our nature or national parks in the autumn.

From Kopački Rit, Papuk, Lonjsko polje and Žumberak to the world-famous Plitvice Lakes and Northern Velebit, these parks stun in all seasons, but nothing beats the colour palette you will experience this season. With the leaves turning various shades of yellow, orange, red and brown, to the turquoise lakes and silver-blue rivers, to the evergreens, it is like the best open-air museum where photos are welcomed and the colours and sounds meant to be shared.

Ivo Biočina

The flavours of autumn are plentiful and the colour palette from grapes, olives, squash, mushrooms or mandarins will leave all of your senses satisfied.

Try a Slavonian breakfast, fresh-water trout from the river Gacka or mushrooms from the hills of Gorski Kotar. Continental Croatia is full of flavours and compliments the truffles of Istria, the mandarins of the Neretva valley and the olives on the island of Brač nicely. A plate of colours to explore.

Zoran Jelača

Take in the fairy tale castles from Ozalj to Trakošćan and the vista of autumn colours, learn more about our UNESCO intangible heritage, such as the bright-coloured wooden toys of Zagorje or meet the red licitar heart craftsmen of Northern Croatia.

Croatia’s folk traditions differ from region to region and is also known for its intricate and colourful folk costumes, such as those of Bizovac or the flower topped hats of the Ljelje -Queens from Gorjani, while the range of song passed down generations include the colourful sounds of the Međimurska popevka to Eastern Croatia’s Bećarac.

Zoran Jelača

Feeling blue? The Adriatic is the place to be.

The 50 shades of blue to be had are a deeper hue in the autumn and the white waves and paler yellow of the sun are sure to make your autumn sailing experience a force to be reckoned with, much like the winds in your sail.

Ivo Biočina

If you are looking for a way to explore the islands dotting Croatia’s coastline or any of the amazing towns, cities and secluded bays along the way, you will be sure to find your journey a colorful one.

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